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Our team are committed to providing you a Maintenance and Servicing schedule to suit your requirements to help ensure your business is safe and running efficiently.

We recommend you regularly maintain and service your electrical fittings, appliances and equipment to prevent unscheduled breakdowns and production losses.

Testing and Tagging of Equipment and Appliances

As per the NZ Standards recommendations. We offer a complete test and tag service where one of our experienced staff will complete a full audit of your electrical equipment. Using purpose designed pre-calibrated testers we test and tag each appliance/lead to confirm it is electrically safe. We will then schedule to contact you annually (or whenever the follow-up date is for your equipment) to carry out further test and tagging. If we find any faults with any of your items, our staff will conduct immediate repairs or advise as necessary.

Lighting Checks of buildings, offices, showrooms etc.

We can carry out monthly checks on lamps; lighting level checks and energy efficiency of existing fittings. These checks give information on lighting levels for the various areas within your industry. We can provide solutions on how best to meet the sufficient lighting levels required with an energy efficient focus in mind.

Insurance Assessments

The nature of this work is often time is critical and we understand things need to move quickly. We work with assessors to speed up the process to limit impact of your space.

Energy Assessments

We can carry out a report of your site to show where you can save energy, from this we will provide a range of solutions tailored to your site. Common solutions could be via power factor correction, phase balancing, or lighting replacement and/or controls.

Building Compliance

Regular maintenance for your emergency lighting or HVAC systems may be required for your building compliance, we can carry out the checks to provide the correct documentation for your building compliance company.

Thermal Imaging

This is an increasingly common practice to provide non-invasive snap shot of the current condition of your equipment. Not only and effective to minimise insurance costs, but to identify hazards before they become serious. Capturing increasing heat early will minimise downtime to your facility. We can time in repairs before they fair to suit your schedule.